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Logistics is variety with quality 

Boost your value-added-activities to a higher level based on relevant KPIs. With a transparency end to end. 

Based on your preferences we provide the highest professional support for your project. please get in contact for a consultancy and mandat.

About us

We can look back on 15 years of logistics and consulting experience in various industries on 3 continents.

Automotive /Solar / FMCG / Construction / Port Logistics / Mechanical Engineering / Medicine / Trade

They are all exciting. And there is lot we can do for you as well to boost your efficiency and margin. 


Sponsor of the youth team Step FC Nongkinpen 


Supply Chain Management 

- Commercial & Logistics Consulting

- Cost saving projects, Change Management

- Network Implementation

- Process Management, Lean Implementation

Warehouse Management & Distribution 

- Consolidation, storage and distribution 

   per demand

- Improve WH Efficiency and reduce costs

- Free Trade Zone and bonded 

   warehousing worldwide

- Value added services (pick & packing, labelling,         neutralization, insurance)

- Project based operational leadership

Logistics & Shipping 

- Transport Planning JIT/JIS/Milkrun

- All kind of transport solutions by sea, air, overland

- Project logistics for heavy/oversized cargo

- Route Surveys / Road Studies / On-site set-up

- Customs clearance / Export Control

Business Development 

- Consulting & Interims Management

- Market Research and Entry

- Production site analysis / relocation

- Export & Import Agency

- Human Research


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